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Liana Bertsch

September 24th, 2019 Posted by Nidhi M

Liana works closely with employees and clients to make sure all services provided meet the clients’ needs and requirements. Liana has over 15 years of finance experience and worked as a CFO for an engineering firm where she facilitated overall company growth, expanding it from 3 to 78 employees within 5 years. Leveraging extensive experience blending her accounting, finance and non-profit work to create internal and external change, Liana is an asset for both start-ups and small to medium size companies who are seeking expert assistance with growth, short-term cash flow challenges, long-term vision, or sustainability. Her career history demonstrates result-oriented business approach and commitment to future growth for companies she works with. Liana holds an MBA degree, is a CFA member and currently working towards a CPA designation.